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The course of study and syllabi for various degrees of the university shall be submitted by the respective board of studies/Board of faculties to the academic council and the syndicate for approval.Such courses and syllabi shall beome effective from the date of approval by the syndicate or such other date as the syndicate may determine.

CH-50 Basic Mathematics for Chemist CH-301 Industrial Chemistry
CH-321 Analytical Chemistry-I CH-322 Analytical Chemistry Lab-I
CH-323 Analytical Chemistry-II CH-324 Analytical Chemistry Lab-II
CH-331 Inorganic Chemistry-I CH-332 Inorganic Chemistry Lab-I
CH-333 Inorganic Chemistry-II CH-334 Inorganic Chemistry Lab-II
CH-341 Organic Chemistry-I CH-342 Organic Chemistry Lab-I
CH-343 Organic Chemistry (II) CH-344 Organic Chemistry Lab-II
CH-351 Physical Chemistry-I CH-352 Physical Chemistry Lab-I
CH-353 Physical Chemistry-II CH-354 Physical Chemistry Lab-II
CH-421 Molecular Spectroscopy CH-421 Pncpl&App of Mlclr Spctrptmtry
CH-422 Instrumental Methods CH-422 Atomic Spectroscopy
CH-423 Advanced Analytical Chemistry CH-427 Chemical Crystallography
CH-428 Environmental Chemistry CH-429 Bio-coordination Chemistry
CH-429 Bio-coordination Chemistry CH-430 Elementary Group Theory
CH-431 Coordination Chemistry CH-432 Inorganic Chemistry-III
CH-433 Inorganic Chemistry-IV CH-434 Inorganic Polymers
CH-435 Industrial Chemistry CH-436 Nuclear and Radiochemistry
CH-437 Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry CH-438 Research Project
CH-438 Rsrch Prjct Inorgnc/Anltcl Chm CH-439 Advanced Inorganic/Analytical
CH-440 Chemistry of Heterocycles CH-441 Reaction Mechanism
CH-442 Spectroscopic Methods in Organ CH-443 Chemistry of Natural Products
CH-444 Special Organic Reactions CH-444 Reaction Mechanism-II
CH-445 Stereochemistry CH-446 Retrosynthesis
CH-446 Organic Synthesis CH-447 Organic Chemistry Lab-III
CH-448 Research Project in Organic Ch CH-449 Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab
CH-450 Computational Chemistry CH-451 Chemical Kinetics
CH-452 Quantum Chemistry CH-453 Molecular Spectroscopy
CH-454 Chemical Thermodynamics CH-455 Statistical Mechanics
CH-456 Nuclear and Radiation Chemistr CH-457 Solid State Chemistry
CH-458 Solution Chemistry CH-459 Physical Chemistry Lab-III
CH-460 Research Project in Physical C CH-461 Advance Physical Chemistry Lab
CH-462 Electrochemistry CH-463 Polymer Chemistry
CH-464 Surface Chemistry CH-465 Photochemistry
CH-466 Colloids and Surfactants CH-470 Biochemistry
CH-471 Name Reactions CH-472 Introduction to Polymer Chemis
CH-473 Quantum Organic Chemistry CH-474 Computational Chemistry/ Molec
CH-474 Spctrscpc Mthd in Orgnc Chm-II CH-475 Spectroscopic Methods in Organ

CH-600 Advanced Molecular Spectroscop CH-601 Diffraction Methods of Analysi
CH-602 Applied Industrial Processes CH-603 Advanced Analytical Instrument
CH-604 Advanced Thermal Analysis CH-605 Water and Soil Chemistry
CH-606 Analysis and Characterization CH-607 Advanced Atomic Spectroscopy
CH-608 Atmospheric Chemistry CH-609 Chromatographic Methods of Ana
CH-610 Composite Materials CH-611 Special Topics in Analytical C
CH-612 X-Ray Methods of Analysis CH-620 Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry
CH-621 Inorganic Electronic Spectrosc CH-622 Kinetics and Mechanisms of Ino
CH-623 Organo-transition Metal Chemis CH-624 Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
CH-625 Physical Methods in Inorganic CH-626 Advanced Applied Chemistry
CH-627 Inorganic Material Chemistry CH-628 Special Topics in Inorganic Ch
CH-629 Catalysis CH-630 Basic One- and Two-Dimensional
CH-639 Protecting Groups in Organic CH-640 Modern Trends in Organic Synth
CH-640 Orgnc Snthsis-Rtrsythtc Apprh CH-641 Advanced Stereochemistry
CH-642 Physical Organic Chemistry and CH-643 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in
CH-644 Advances in Chromatographic Te CH-645 Chemistry of Isoprenoids
CH-646 Chemistry of Glycosides CH-647 Biosynthesis of Natural Produc
CH-648 Chemistry of Organometallic Co CH-649 Reactive Intermediates in Orga
CH-650 Advanced Heterocyclic Chemistr CH-651 Advanced Mass Spectrometry
CH-652 Organic Photochemistry CH-653 Organic Polymer Chemistry
CH-654 Pericyclic Reactions CH-655 Special Topics in Organic Chem
CH-656 Medicinal Chemistry CH-657 Cheminformatics
CH-658 Advanced Stereoselective Synth CH-659 Special Organic Materials
CH-659 Protecting Groups in Organic S CH-659 Computational Chemistry/Molecu
CH-659 Carbohydrate Chemistry CH-659 Research Methodology
CH-659 Review Paper/Term Paper CH-659 Seminar
CH-659 Modern Name Reactions in Organ CH-660 Physical Chemistry of High Pol
CH-661 Quantum Chemistry CH-661 Advanced Quantum Chemistry
CH-662 Electrode Process CH-663 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscop
CH-664 Chemical Kinetics CH-664 Advanced Chemical Kinetics
CH-665 Advanced Molecular Spectroscop CH-666 Photochemistry
CH-666 Advanced Photochemistry CH-667 Surface Chemistry
CH-667 Advanced Surface Chemistry CH-668 Advanced Solution Chemistry
CH-669 Chemistry of Advanced Composit CH-670 Advanced Statistical Mechanics
CH-671 Solid State and Semiconductors CH-672 Colloids and Surfactants
CH-673 Nuclear and Radiation Chemistr CH-673 Advancd Nuclear&Radiation Chem
CH-674 Applied Chemical Thermodynamic CH-675 Biophysical Chemistry
CH-676 Physical Chemistry of Environm CH-677 Theoretical and Computational
CH-678 Chemistry of Superconductors CH-679 Nanochemistry
CH-680 Chemistry of Advance Materials CH-681 Advanced Techniques in Physica
CH-682 Electroanalytical Methods and

CH-899 PhD Dissertation/Research

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