Name: Dr. Faroha Liaqat

Designation: Assistant Professor (HEC approved supervisor)

Contact Details: +92 (0) 51-9064 2142

Email: ;


Educational Qualification:


-Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Glasgow, UK (2015-2016)

-PhD (Chemistry), Johannes Gutenberg University-Mainz, Germany (2014)

-Joint PhD (Chemistry), Seoul National University, South Korea

– MPhil (Physical Chemistry), Quaid-i-Azam University, (Chancellor Medal, 1st position)

-MSc (Physical Chemistry), Quaid-i-Azam University, (Chancellor Medal, 1st position)

-Internship, The Energy and Research Institute, India (2009)



Physical Chemistry

Research interests:  Photonic and Phononic Bragg stacks, Layer by layer Assemblies, Polymeric nanocomposites, Computational Studies (ADF, Gaussian, Turbomole, Quantum Espresso, Multiphysics, Molecular docking), Non-linear optics, Electrochemical sensors, Biosensors, DNA-binding studies, Lab-on-chip devices.

Honors and Awards:

-Young Researcher representing Pakistan in the 59th Nobel Laureates Conference in Chemistry, Lindau, Germany (2009).

-Fellowship from “International Research Training Group for Optoelectronics”, (2011-2014).

-Fellowship from “International Max Planck Research School”, IMPRS and Graduate School of Excellence, MAINZ (2010-2011).

-Chancellor’s Gold Medal for securing 1st position in M.Phil Chemistry

-Chancellor’s Gold Medal for securing 1st position in M.Sc Chemistry

Highlighted Publications:

15. M. Fatima, F. Liaqat*, M. Shabbir, I. Ahmed, Z.Akhter*, R.Fatima, S.Yousaf, “Synthesis, characterization, antioxidant, DNA binding and density functional studies of novel bisamides”, J. Molecular Structure. 1239 (2021) 130471 (IF = 2.463)

14. “MoO3 Nanobelts Embedded Polypyrrole/SIS Copolymer Blends for Improved Electro-mechanical Dual Applications”, A. Umer, F. Liaqat*, A. Mahmood, Polymers, 2020, 12 (2), 353 (IF = 3.5).

13. “Phenolic Esters: Synthesis, Antioxidant Evaluation, Molecular Docking and DFT Studies”, Z. Nisa, M. Shabbir, M. A. Asghar, V. Mckee, F. Liaqat, S. Kalsoom, S. Sabir and H. Ismail, J. Mol. Structure, 2020, 1207, 127812 (IF= 2.12)

12. “Biferrocenyl Schiff bases as efficient corrosion inhibitors for an aluminium alloy in HCl solution: a combined experimental and theoretical study”, U. Nazir, Z. Akhter, N.K. Janjua, M. A. Asghar, S. Kanwal, T. M. Butt, A. Sani, F. Liaqat, R. Hussain and F. Shah, RSC Adv. 2020,10, pp. 7585-7599 (IF = 3.049).

11. “Synthesis of New Pro-PYE Ligands as Co-Catalysts toward Pd-Catalyzed Heck-Mizoroki Cross Coupling Reactions”, N. Munir, S. Masood, F. Liaqat, M.N.Tahir, S. Yousuf, S. Kalsoom, E. Mughal, S. H. Sumrra, A. Maalik, and M. N. Zafar, RSC Adv. 2019, 9, 37986-38000 (IF = 3.049).

10. “Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of novel benzimidazole derivatives”, K. Mahmood, Z. Akhter, M. A. Asghar, B. Mirza, H. Ismail, F. Liaqat, S. Kalsoom, A. R. Ashraf, M. Shabbir, M. A. Qayyum, and V. McKee. J. Biomol. Struct Dyn. 2019, pp. 1-13, (IF = 3.107)

9. “Synthesis, DNA binding affinity, molecular docking study and antitumor activity of Cu(II), Pd(II) and Zn(II) metal complexes of benzimidazole Schiff base ligand”, K. Mahmood, Z. Akhter, B. Mirza, H. Ismail, F. Liaqat, S. Kalsoom, A. Raza. J. Chem.Soc.Pak. 2019, 41 (5) pp. 903-916 (IF = 0.393)

8. “High-Performance TiO2 Nanoparticle/DOPA- Polymer Composites”, F. Liaqat,, Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2015, 36, 1129-1137 (IF = 4.608)

7. “Ultrastrong composites from Dopamine Modified-Polymer-Infiltrated Colloidal Crystals”, F. Liaqat et al. Mater. Horiz. 2015, 2, 434-441 (IF = 13.183)

6. “Engineering the Hypersonic Phononic Band Gap of Hybrid Bragg-Stacks”, D. Schneider, F. Liaqat, et al. Nano Lett. 2012, 12, 3101 (IF = 13.77)

5. “Defect-Controlled Hypersound Propagation in Hybrid Superlattices”, D. Schneider, F. Liaqat, et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 2013, 111, 164301 (IF = 8.839)

4. “Physical and Electrical Properties of Nanosized Mn- and Cr-Doped Strontium Y-Type Hexagonal Ferrites”, M.J. Iqbal and F. Liaqat, J. Am. Ceram.Soc, 2010, 93, 474 (IF = 2.956)

3. “Collective Behavior in Assemblies of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Embedded in a Sticky Polymer Matrix Observed by Mössbauer Spectroscopy”, F. Liaqat, et al. In progress.

2. “Control of droplet motion using acoustically activated resonant cavities”, F. Liaqat, et al., In progress

1. “Engineering the Band Structure of One-dimensional Hypsersonic Phononic Crystals”, D. Schneider, F. Liaqat, et al. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 2011, 130, 2402 (IF = 1.572)


-Invited Talk, International Conference, ICWNT-2020 at NCP, Islamabad (21-23 January, 2020)

-One day symposium on “Energy Materials”, Department of Physics, QAU, Pakistan (20 Dec, 2019)

-International Conference on Chemical Sciences, QAU Pakistan (24-26 April, 2019)

-International Workshop on “Effective Implementation of Student Centered Learning: Engaging Listeners through Active Learning”, NUST and UTM Malaysia (2017)

-Oral presentation at IUPAC World Chemistry Congress, Istanbul, Turkey (08/2013) titled “Creating and Exploring Barriers: Phononic Band Gap in One-dimensional Periodic Bragg Stacks in Hypersonic region”.

-Oral presentation, “A Bioinspired Strategy to Fabricate Bragg Stacks as Hard and Adhesive Coatings” at IUPAC World Chemistry Congress, Istanbul, Turkey (08/2013)

-Poster at 8th German-Korean Polymer Workshop, Hamburg, Germany (08/ 2013).

-24th International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC), Mainz, Germany (08/2012).

-Korea – Japan workshop, Seoul, South Korea (11/ 2012).

-Summer school on “Optoelectronics”, Cambridge, UK (08/2011).

-8th International and 20th National Chemistry Conference, Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan (01/2010).

-Oral presentation in National Seminar on “Policies & Strategies for Successful Implementation of Employment Generating Programs in Renewable Energies, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment and ICTs”, COMSTECH Pakistan (08/2009).


Instrumentation Available (Focal Person):


Amsterdam Density Functional (ADF)