i.    Analytical/Inorganic Chemistry:

CH-600           One- and Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy (Cr. 3)

CH-601           Diffraction Methods of Analysis (Cr. 3)

CH-602           Applied Industrial Processes (Cr. 3)

CH-604           Advanced Thermal Analysis (Cr. 3)

CH-605           Hydrogeochemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-606           Analysis and Characterization of Polymers (Cr. 3)

CH-607           Advanced Atomic Spectroscopy (Cr. 3)

CH-608           Atmospheric Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-609           Advanced Chromatographic Methods of Analysis (Cr. 3)

CH-610           Composite Materials (Cr. 3)

CH-611           Special Topics in Analytical Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-612           X-Ray Methods of Analysis (Cr. 3)

CH-613           Functional Porous Materials (Cr. 3)

CH-620           Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-621           Inorganic Electronic Spectroscopy (Cr. 3)

CH-622           Kinetics and Mechanisms of Inorganic Reactions (Cr. 3)

CH-623           Organo-transition Metal Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-624           Bio-Inorganic Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-625           Physical Methods in Inorganic Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-626           Advanced Applied Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-627           Inorganic Material Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-628           Special Topics in Inorganic Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-629           Catalysis (Cr. 3)


ii. Organic Chemistry:

CH-635           Advance Synthesis and Catalysis (Cr.3)

CH-636           Natural Product Synthesis (Cr.3)

CH-637           Modern Name Reactions in Organic Synthesis (Cr. 3)

CH-638           Computational Chemistry/Molecular Modeling (Cr. 3)

CH-639           Protecting Groups in Organic Synthesis (Cr. 3)

CH-640           Organic Synthesis-Retrosynthetic Approach (Cr. 3)

CH-641           Advanced Stereochemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-642           Physical Organic Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-643           Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Organic Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-644           Advances in Chromatographic Techniques (Cr. 3)

CH-645           Chemistry of Isoprenoids and Steroids (Cr. 3)

CH-646           Chemistry of Glycosides (Cr. 3)

CH-647           Biosynthesis of Natural Products (Cr. 3)

CH-648           Chemistry of Organometallic Compounds (Cr. 3)

CH-649           Reactive Intermediates in Organic Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-650           Advanced Heterocyclic Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-651           Advanced Mass Spectrometry (Cr. 3)

CH-652           Organic Photochemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-653           Organic Polymer Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-654           Pericyclic Reactions (Cr. 3)

CH-655           Special Topics in Organic Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-656           Medicinal Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-657           Cheminformatics (Cr. 3)

CH-658           Advanced Stereoselective Synthesis (Cr. 3)

CH-659           Special Organic Materials (Cr. 3)


III.     Physical Chemistry:

CH-660           Physical Chemistry of High Polymers (Cr. 3)

CH-661           Advanced Quantum Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-662           Electrode Process (Cr. 3)

CH-663           Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (Cr. 3)

CH-664           Advanced Chemical Kinetics (Cr. 3)

CH-665           Advanced Molecular Spectroscopy (Cr. 3)

CH-666           Advanced Photochemistry (Cr.3)

CH-667           Advanced Surface Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-668           Advanced Solution Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-669           Chemistry of Advanced Composite Materials (Cr. 3)

CH-670           Advanced Statistical Mechanics (Cr. 3)

CH-671           Solid State and Semiconductors (Cr. 3)

CH-672           Surfactant and Colloid Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-673           Advanced Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-674           Applied Chemical Thermodynamics (Cr. 3)

CH-675           Biophysical Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-676           Physical Chemistry of Environment (Cr. 3)

CH-677           Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-678           Chemistry of Superconductors (Cr. 3)

CH-679           Nanochemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-680           Chemistry of Advance Materials (Cr. 3)

CH-681           Advanced Techniques in Physical Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-682           Electroanalytical Methods and Techniques (Cr. 3)

CH-683           Photovoltaics and Solar Cells (Cr. 3)

CH-684           Laser Chemistry and Reactions Dynamics (Cr. 3)

CH-685           Ceramic Materials

CH-690           Applied Mathematics for Physical Chemistry (Cr. 3)