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Chemistry was the one of the subjects, when the University was established in 1967 as quality institution of international standard in the country for postgraduate studies. In the Chemistry Department M.Sc., M.Phil, and Ph.D. programs are run. The department has strong M.Sc. academic program; the graduates are absorbed in different educational and R&D institutions of the country, while a good number of them are selected for higher studies within the department and abroad. M.Phil, program has been a regular feature of the department in three specializations namely Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. Over the time the Ph.D. program of the department has also become well established and a very large number of applicants aspire to get admission to the Ph.D. program of the department.

With all the three programs running in the department simultaneously, the department has always considered its faculty as most important towards imparting quality education. There has been always a strong faculty also in terms of numbers and to cover divergent areas like surface chemistry, electrochemistry, polymer chemistry, coordination chemistry, environmental chemistry, computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry, solution chemistry, organometallics, organic synthesis, chemistry of natural products, spectroscopy, computer aided drug designing etc.

The Chemistry Department has a number of sophisticated instruments to cater the research requirements. Presently, GC-MS & LC-MS Spectrometers, CHNS Analyzer, TGA-DTA, DSC-FTIR, X-Ray Diffractometer, NMR Machines (60 & 300 MHz), Electrochemical Workstation, GC, Spectrometer, FT-IR Spectrometer, Mossbauer Spectrometer, Tensile Testing Machine, Fluorescence Spectrometer, Laser Light Scattering Machine, Polarized Optical Microscope are housed in the department. Dedicated technicians have been appointed to operate instruments and take care of their maintenance.

The research output in terms of publications is one of the strongest points of the Chemistry Department. During the last five years over 800 research papers have been published in journals international repute. At present 132 M.Phil, and 122 Ph.D. students are enrolled while about 40 M.Phil, and 15 Ph.D. students pass out from the department in each year.

The department has reached to its present level by receiving funding from UNDP and from Japanese and German governments. On the national platform, the Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Science Foundation have been instrumental by helping in the procurement of equipment and to build and renovate infrastructural facilities. In its present configuration, the department is a strong institution in the country for the postgraduate teaching and research in chemistry.

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