Name: Dr. Aamer Saeed Bhatti

Designation: Professor and Chairperson

Contact Details: +92-51 9064-2128 ,

Educational Qualification:

PhD, Post doc (AvH Germany


Organic chemistry

Research Areas/Areas of Expertise:

Medicinal Chemistry; Natural Products, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Fluorescent probes and dyes

Awards and Grants:

Gold Medal, Pakistan Academy of Sciences;

Prof. Raziuddin Siddiqui Prize

Gold Medal, IFT (Idara-e-Farough Taleem, Punjab Lahore).

Fellow of the Chemical Society of Pakistan.

Highest Impact Factor Award 2018, by Chemical Society of Pakistan.

Recipient of Research Productivity Award 2004-2018 Category A, by Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST).

Research Grants:

HEC (02), PAK-US (01), PSF (01)

Ph D supervised: 18     PhD as co-supervised; 01         M.Phil. Supervised: 50

Recent Publications: Total publications: >470     Impact Factor: >800; H-index: 25 citations: 3,300

Only 10 latest Publications Prof. Dr. Aamer Saeed

S. No Name of Author (s) Complete name of journal and address with ISSN (Print) No. Title of the publication Vol. No

& Page range

Year Impact Factor/
1.                    T. Fattah, S.Bua, Aamer Saeed, G. Shabir, C.T. Supuran Bioorganic Chemistry  3-Aminobenzenesulfonamides incorporating acyl thiourea moieties

selectively inhibit the tumor-associated carbonic anhydrase isoform IX over the off-target isoforms I, II and IV

82, 123-128 2019 3.929
2.                    I. Khan, A. Khan. A. Halim, Aamer Saeed, S. Mehsud, R. Csuk, A. Al-Harrasi, A. brar International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Exploring biological efficacy of coumarin clubbed thiazolo[3,2–b][1,2,4]triazoles as efficient inhibitors of urease: A biochemical and in silico approach available online 2019 4.785
3.                    H. El-Seedi,

S. Patel, Aamer Saeed, S. Khalifa

Trends in Food Science & Technology Truffles: From Islamic culture to current times 91, 193-218 2019 8.519
4.                    I. Arshad  Aamer Saeed*, P. A. Channar , Syeda A. Shehzadi and R. M. Irfan SynLett Synthesis of Contra-positionally substituted Cyclohexameta-phenylene: a ready to use precursor for [6]CMP based materials 27, 1371-1374 2019 2.419
5.                    Shehzadi, S.A., Aamer Saeed Lemière, F., Maes, B.U. and Abbaspour Tehrani, K., European Journal of Organic Chemistry Zinc (II)‐Catalyzed Synthesis of Propargylamines by Coupling Aldimines and Ketimines with Alkynes. 2018(1), 78-88. 2018 2.882
6.                    Latif, M., Ashraf, Z., Basit, S., Ghaffar, A., Zafar, M.S., Aamer Saeed and Meo, S.A., RSC Advances Latest perspectives of orally bioavailable 2, 4-diarylaminopyrimidine analogues (DAAPalogues) as anaplastic lymphoma kinase inhibitors: discovery and clinical developments. 8(30), 16470-16493. 2018 3.108
7.                    Aamer Saeed* and Ghulam Shabir Arabian J. Chem. Synthesis and Characterization of High Wash Fastness Novel Azo Reactive Dyes incorporating Novel Bridged Diamines 11 (1), 111-119 2018  4.553
8.                    P.A. Channar, S. Afzal, S.E. Ejaz, Aamer Saeed, F.A. Larik, P.A. Mahesar, J.Lecka, J. Sévigny, M. F. Erben, J. Iqbal European

Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Exploration of Carboxy pyrazole derivatives: Synthesis, alkaline Phosphatase, nucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase and nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase inhibition studies with potential anticancer profile 141, 273-281 2018 4.816
9.                    A. Bahadur , S. Iqbal , M. Shoaib, Aamer Saeed Dalton Transactions Mesoporous hollow rods of magnetite used for the electrochemical study of specially designed Graphene-Fe3O4-Polyaniline nanocomposite as a high‒performance anode exhibited superior reversible current capacity for lithium‒ion battery 47, 15031-15037 2018 4.099
10.                 M. Waqas, S. Iqbal, A. Bahadur, Aamer Saeed, M.Javed Applied Catalysis B: Environmental Designing of a spatially separated hetero-junction pseudobrookite (Fe2TiO5-TiO2) ) yolk-shell hollow spheres as efficient photocatalyst for water oxidation reaction 219, 30-35 2017 14.229

Books: Basic 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopy for Organic Chemists (2018), Pakistan

  1. Basic Spectroscopy (2019)

Patents: 05

Courses Taught:

Courses M.Sc. Level:

  1. Stereochemistry CH-445
  2. Biochemistry CH-470
  3. Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry-I CH-442
  4. Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry-II CH-375
  5. Organic Synthesis, Disconnection Approach CH-446
  6. Named Reactions in Organic Chemistry CH-471
  7. Chemistry of Natural products CH-453
  8. Basic Organic Chemistry I CH-341
  9. Heterocyclic chemistry CH-440
  10. Basic Organic Chemistry II CH-343

Courses taught M.Phil. Level:

  1. Chemistry of Isoprenoids CH-645
  2. Advanced Heterocyclic chemistry CH-650
  3. Advanced Stereoselective Synthesis CH-658
  4. Advanced Stereochemistry CH-641
  5. Organic Synthesis-Retrosynthetic Approach CH-640
  6. Named Organic Reactions CH-637