Name: Dr. Amin Badshah
Designation: Professor
Department: Chemistry
Qualifications: Ph.D   Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad Pakistan

Thesis Topic:        Organotin(IV)Derivatives Of Donor Ligands

Post-doc.    Organosilicon and Boron Chemistry, Univ, of Bayreuth, Germany, 1996-1997.

Post-doc. Organosilicon and Boron Chemistry,Univ. of Bayreuth, Germany,  2001-2002.

Post-doc. Alkynylsilane & 1,1-Organoboration,Univ.of Bayreuth,  Germany,   2004-2004.

Phone: +92-51 9064-2131
Status: On Job
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Research Interests/Publications/Conferences/Research Projects

 Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry

Research Areas/Areas of Expertise:
The inorganic aspects of our research are concerned primarily with the syntheses,
spectroscopic characterization and biological activities of inorganic compounds,
especially Organometallic and transition metal complexes with Nitrogen, phosphorus,
oxygen and sulfur donor ligands. A new research area recently initiated involves the
synthesis of surfactants &nanomaterials having potential application in the field of

Awards and Grants:

S.No Title of the Award Organization
1. Awarded civil award (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz)
from Govt of Pakistan 2013
2. Awarded Pakistan Academy Sciences
Gold Medal 2013
3. Awarded Best Teacher Award, HEC,
Pakistan 2014
4. Research Productivity Award 2001 to
2016 Category A/B

5. HEC best paper Award 2016
6. Awarded DAAD fellowship (Germany)
from 01 Dec., 1996 to 28 Feb., 1997.

DAAD (Germany)

7. Awarded Ministry of S and T fellowship
(Germany) from 01 Oct.,01 29 March

Ministry of Science and

8. Awarded DAAD fellowship (Germany)
from June 1, 2004 to Aug.31, 2004.

DAAD (Germany)

9. Selected national representative to
Division II, Inorganic Chemistry, of
IUPAC 2014-2015


Instrumentation Available (Focal Person): UV-Visble, FTIR, NMR, Potentio State.

Recent Publications:

S. No. Name of Author (s) Complete Name of Journal and Address with ISSN (Print) No. Title of the Publication Vol. No. & Page No. Year of Publi. Impact Factor
1 ZZ Khan, IA Khan, I Khan, MHS Wattoo, A Badshah Solid State Sciences Pt and Co3O4 supported on ceria and zirconia for the catalytic reduction of N2O in the presence of CO


2019 2.155
2 U. Shamraiz, Z. Ahmad, A. Badshah, H. Hussain, G. Abbas,S. Ullah, B. Raza Mat. Res. Express α-Glucosidase Inhibition (antidiabetic) of Rubidium doped Indium Sulfide Nanomaterials 2019 1.449
3  W. Hussain, H. Malik, M. Khan, M. Iqbal, R. Hussain, R. Shoukat, Y. Khan, A. Badshah, M. Sulaman, Li, Hui Semiconductor Sci. Tech., Comparative study of Cobalt Sulphides Properties for Photocatalytic and Battery Applications 34, 095015 2019 2.654
4 A -ur-Rehman, G. Ali,  S.M. Abbas, M. Iftikhar, M. Zahid, S. Yaseen, S. Saleem, S. Haider, M. Arshad and A. Badshah, Chemical Engineering Journal Axial expansion of Ni-doped TiO2 nanorods grown on carbon nanotubes for favourable lithium-ion intercalation 375, 122021 2019 8.35
5 R.A. Hussain, A. Badshah, N. Ahmed, J.M. Pezzuto, T. P. Kondratyuk, Eun-Jung Park, I. Hussain Polyhedron Synthesis, characterization and biological applications of selenoureas having ferrocene and substituted benzoyl functionalities 170, 12-24 2019 2.067
6 S.Fatima, R. Sharma, F. Asghar,A. Kamal, A. Badshah, H.-Bernhard Kraatz. J. Indus. Eng. Chem., Study of New Amphiphiles Based on Ferrocene containing Thioureas as Efficient Corrosion Inhibitors: Gravimetric, Electrochemical, SEM and DFT Studies 76, 374-387 2019 4.841
7 S.Ali, A. Badshah, H. Hussain, S.Fatima, A. H. Shah, A. Shah, S. Saifullah, M.R.Shah J. Surfactants and Detergents Synthesis, characterization and computational study of new ferrocene-based Schiff bases as potential nonionic surfactants On line 2019 1.450
8 W. Hussain, H. Malik, R.A. Hussain, . Hussain, I. Green, S. Marwat, A. Bahadur, S. Iqbal, M.U. Farooq, H. Li and A. Badshah J Elect. Mat., Synthesis of MnS from Single- and Multi-Source Precursors for Photocatalytic and Battery Applications 48,2278-2288 2019 1.579
9 F Asghar, B Lal, A Badshah, I.S Butler, M.N Tahir Inorganica Chimica Acta Synthesis and computational study of new meta-and para-substituted ferrocenyl thioureas as potent protein kinase inhibitors and cytotoxic agents 488,8-18 2019 2.264
10 M. Batool, S. Ibrahim, B. Iqbal, S. Ali, A.Badshah, S. Abbas,  D. R. Turner,

M.A. Nadeem

Electrochimica Acta Novel cobalt-fumarate framework as a robust and efficient electrocatalyst for water oxidation at neutral pH 298, 248-253 2019 5.116
11 U. Shamraiz, B. Raza, H. Hussain, A. Badshah, Ivan R. Green, F.A. Kiania & A. Al-Harrasie International Materials Reviews Gold Nanotubes and Nanorings: Promising Candidates for Multidisciplinary Fields 64, 478-512 2019 21.086
12 F.A. Kiani, U. Shamraiz, A. Badshah, S.Tabassum, M. Ambreen & J.A. Patujo Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology Optimization of Ag2O nanostructures with strontium for biological and therapeutic potential 46, S1083-1091 2018 3.026
13 S.Ibrahim⁠, I. Majeed⁠, E. Hussain⁠, A. Badshah⁠, Y. Qian⁠, D. Zhao⁠, D.R. Turner, M.A. Nadeem⁠ Inorganica Chimica Acta Novel photo-functional material based on homo-metallic cyanide bridged nickel coordination polymer and titania for hydrogen generation 486, 684-693 2019 2.264
14 S. Zubair, F. Asghar, A. Badshah, B. Lal, R.A. Hussain, S. Tabassum, M.N. Tahir J. Organomet. Chem., New bioactive ferrocene-substituted heteroleptic copper(I) complex:

Synthesis, structural elucidation, DNA interaction, and DFT study


879, 60-68 2019 2.173
15 K. Ghazal, S. Shoaib, M. Khan, S. Khan, M K. Rauf, N. Khan, A. Badshah, M.N. Tahir, I. Ali J. Mol. Str., Synthesis, characterization, X-ray diffraction study, in-vitro cytotoxicity, antibacterial and antifungal activities of nickel (II) and copper (II) complexes with acyl thiourea 1177, 124-130 2019 2.011
16 S.I. Khan, I. A. Khan, A. Badshah, F.P. Malik,

S. Tabassum, I. Ullah, D. Zargarian & M.K. Rauf

J. Coord. Chem., Mononuclear copper(I) complexes with triphenylphosphine and N,Nʹ-disubstituted thioureas: Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation 71, 4086-4108 2019 1.703
17 MN Hussain, SM Shah, A Badshah, AS Bhatti, A Bahadur, A Saboor, …


Physica E Iron and nickel doped tin (IV) oxide nanosheets: Synthesis, characterization and applications in hybrid solar cells

Journal: Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures

108,307-316 2019 2.399
18 S. Ali, G. Yasin, Z. Zuhra, Z. Wu, I.S. Butler, A. Badshah, and I. ud Din Bioinog. Chem. Appl. Ferrocene-Based Bioactive Bimetallic Thiourea Complexes: Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies online 2019 1.920
19 A.A. Altaf, B. Lal, N. Khan, A. Badshah, K. Akbar and S. Ullah J. Chem. Spectroscopic, Electrochemical and in-Silico Characterization of complex formed between 2-ferrocenylbenzoic acid and DNA online 2019 0.772
20 F.A. Kiani, U. Shamraiz, A. Badshah, S.Tabassum, M. Ambreen and J.A. Patujo. Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology Optimization of Ag2O Nanostructures with Strontium for Biological and Therapeutic Potential 46, S1083-1091 2018 3.026
21 A.A. Altaf, M. Hamayun,  B. Lal, M. N. Tahir,  A.A. Holder, A. Badshah  and  D.C. Crans Dalton Trans., Ferrocene Based Anilides: Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Inhibition of Butyrylcholinesterase 47,11769-11781 2018 4.099
22 S. Adil, A.‐ullah Khan, H. Badshah, F. Asghar M. Usman, A. Badshah and S. Ali Drug Dev. Res., In silico and invivo investigation of ferrocene-incorporated acyl ureas and homoleptic cadmium carboxylate derivatives for anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and sedative potential


79, 184-197 2018 2.64
23 M.R. Khan, S. Zaib, A. Khan, A. Badshah, M. K. Rauf, I-ud-Din, M. N. Tahir, M. Shahid, J. Iqbal Inorganica Chimica Acta Pd(II)-based heteroleptic complexes with N-(acyl)-N, N-(disubstituted) thioureas and phosphine ligands: Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxic studies against lung squamous, breast adenocarcinoma and Leishmania tropica


479,189-196 2018 2.264
24 F Asghar, S Rana, S Fatima, A Badshah, B Lal and I.S. butler New J.  Chem., Biologically active halo-substituted ferrocenyl thioureas: Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, and DFT calculations


42 (9), 7154-7165 2018 3.269
25 M. R. Khan, S. Zaib, M. K. Rauf, M.Ebihara, A.Badshah, M. Zahid, M. A.Nadeem, J. Iqbal J. Mol. Str., Solution-phase microwave assisted parallel synthesis, biological evaluation and in silico docking studies of 2-chlorobenzoyl thioureas derivatives


1164,354-362 2018 2.011
26 H. Hussain, Ivan R Green, U. Shamraiz, M. Saleem, A. Badshah, G.Abbas, N. Ur Rehman, M. Irshad Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents Therapeutic potential of glycyrrhetinic acids: a Patent review (2010-2017)


28, 383-398 2018 3.041
27 S. Sarwar, T. Iftikhar, M. K. Rauf, A. Badshah, D. Waseem, M.N. Tahir, K.M. Khan, G.M. Khan Inorganica Chimica Acta Synthesis of Heteroleptic Pentavalent antimonials bearing Heterocyclic Cinnamate moieties and their Biological studies


476, 12-19 2018 2.264
28 L. Saleem, A. A. Altaf, A. Badshah, M. K. Rauf, A.Waseem, M. Danish, S. S. Azam, M. N. Arshad, A. M Asiri, S. Ahmad, R. Gul Inorganica Chimica Acta Structural Investigations, Anti-Leishmanial, Antibacterial and Docking Studies Of New Pentavalent Antimony Carboxylates 474, 148-155 2018 2.264
29 I. Majeed, U. Manzoor, F.K. Kanodarwala, M. A. Nadeem, E. Hussain, H. Ali, A. Badshah, J.A. Stride, M.A. Nadeem Cat Sci Tech Pd‒Ag decorated g-C3N4 as efficient photocatalyst for hydrogen production from water under direct solar light irradiation 8, 1183-1193 2018 5.365
30 A.A. Altaf, B. Lal, N. Khan, A. Badshah, K. Akbar and S. Ullah App. Organomet. Chem Probing of Ferrocenyl Anilines on Model Micelle / Reverse Micelle Membrane and their Enhanced Reactivity for Reactive Oxidants 32, e4334-e4343 2018 3.581
31 A. ur-Rehman, S.A. Tirmizi, A. Badshah, H. M. Ammad, M. Jawad, S.M. Abbas, U.A. Rana, S. Ud-Din Khan Arabian J. Chem. Synthesis of highly stable MOF-5@MWCNTs nanocomposite with improved hydrophobic properties 11, 26-33 2018 4.55
32 R. Mushtaq, M.K. Rauf, M. Bolte, A. Nadhman, A. Badshah, M.N. Tahir, M. Yasinzai and K.M. Khan. App. Organomet Chem Synthesis, characterization and antileishmanial studies of some bioactive heteroleptic pentavalent antimonials 31, e3606-e3614 2018 3.581
33 S. Bano, A. -ullah Khan, F. Asghar, M. Usman, A. Badshah and S. Ali Front. Pharm. Computational and pharmacological evaluation of ferrocene-based acyl ureas and homoleptic cadmium carboxylate derivatives for anti-diabetic potential


8,1001 2018 4.418
34 Faiza Asghar, Saira Fatima, Sadaf Rana, Amin Badshah, Ian S Butler, Muhammad Nawaz Tahir Dolton Trans Synthesis, spectroscopic investigation, and DFT study of N, N′-disubstituted ferrocene-based thiourea complexes as potent anticancer agents 47 , 1868-1878 2018 4.099
35 A. Saeed, U. Shamraz, A. Badshah, A. Al Harasi and H. Hussain Eur. J. Med.Chem. Synthesis of New Triterpenic Monomers and Dimers as Potential Antiproliferative Agents and their Molecular Docking Studies 143, 948-957 2018 4.816


Elementary Group Theory (in process)

Courses Taught:

Elementary Group Theory, Physical Methods in inorganic Chemistry