Name: Dr. Amir Waseem
Designation: Professor
Contact Details: .+92-51-90642021

Educational Qualification: PhD
Specialization: Analytical Chemistry.
Research Areas/Areas of Expertise:

Flow Injection Analysis, Chemiluminescence.

Awards and Grants:
• HEC Research Project 6172/Federal/NRPU/R&D/HEC/2016 "Development and
applications of Engineered nanoclay composite materials for food toxins remediation
and hydrogen storage" PKR. 4.2 million, Awarded 2017.
• HEC Research Project Federal/NRPU/R&D/HEC/2018 New heterogeneous
ceramic/porcelain supported Ti/Sr catalyst for fatty acid methyl ester (biodiesel)
generation. Accepted 2019, Co-PI, 3.35 million.
• HEC Research Project 9139/Federal/NRPU/R&D/HEC/2018. Environmental
Monitoring and Assessment of Disinfection By-products (DBPs) within Municipal
Drinking Water Supply Network of Bahawalpur City, Southern Punjab. Accepted 2019,
Co-PI, 8.9 million.

Instrumentation Available (Focal Person):

Hydrothermal Reactor, Parr Instruments USA.

Recent Publications: 53 (Last Five years).

1. Fouzia Noreen, Ashif Sajjad, Khalid Mahmood, Muhammad Anwar, Manzar Zahra,
Amir Waseem. Human biomonitoring of trace elements in scalp hair from healthy
population of Pakistan. Biological Trace Element Research. (online 2019)
2. Nasira Wahab, Muhammad Saeed, Muhammad Ibrahim, Akhtar Munir,
Muhammad Saleem, Manzar Zahra, Amir Waseem. Synthesis, characterization
and applications of silk/bentonite clay composite for heavy metal removal from
aqueous solution. Frontiers in Chemistry, 7; article:654 (2019) doi:
3. Muhammad Saeed, Mamoona Munir, Muhammad Nafees, Shoaib Ahmed Shah,
Haseeb Ullah, Amir Waseem. Synthesis, characterization and applications of
silylation based grafted bentonite for the removal of Sudan dyes: Isothermal,
Kinetic and Thermodynamic studies. Microporous & Mesoporous Materials. 291
(2020) 109697.
4. Muhammad Jawad. Abdul Faheem Khan, Amir Waseem, Afzal Hussain Kamboh.
Muhammad Mohsin, Sohail Anjum Shahzad, Sajid Hussain Shah, Sanjay Mathur,
Ahson Jabbar Shaikh. Effect of gold nanoparticles on transmittance and
conductance of graphene oxide thin films and efficiency of perovskite solar cells.
Applied Nanoscience (online 2019)
5. Muhammad Asghar, Mohammad Yaqoob, Masood Ahmed Siddiqui, Nusrat
Munawar Amir Waseem, and Abdul Nabi. Chemiluminescence determination of
manganese(II) based on diperiodatonickelate(IV)-rhodamine 6G reaction.
Luminescence (online 2019)
6. A. Morsy, M. H. Taha, M. Saeed, Amir Waseem, M.M. Elmaadawy. Isothermal,
kinetic and thermodynamic studies for solid phase extraction of uranium (VI) via
hydrazine impregnated carbon-based material as efficient adsorbent. Nuclear
Science and Techniques 30(11) 167 (2019).

7. Hussain Ullah, Viola Previtali, Helene B. Mihigo, Brendan Twamley, Muhammad
Khawar Rauf, Fatima Javed, Amir Waseem, Robert J. Baker, Isabel Rozas.
Structure-Activity Relationships of New Organotin(IV) Anticancer Agents and their
Cytotoxicity Profile on HL-60, MCF-7 and HeLa Human Cancer Cell
Lines.European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 181, 111544 (2019).
8. Muhammad Jawad, Shazia Ali, Amir Waseem, Faiz Rabbani, Bilal Ahmad Zafar
Amin, Muhammad Bilal and Ahson J. Shaikh. A Plasmonic effects and size relation
of gold-platinum alloy nanoparticles. Advances in Nano Research. 7(3) (2019) 167-
178. DOI:10.12989/anr.2019.7.3.167.
9. Mamoona Munir, Mushtaq Ahmad, Amir Waseem, Muhammad Zafar, Muhammad
Saeed, Aneela Wakeel, Moona Nazish and Shazia Sultana. Scanning Electron
Microscopy Leads to Identification of Novel Non-Edible Oil Seeds as Energy
Crops. Microscopy Research and Technique. 109 (2019) 321-332. DOI:
10. Mamoona Munir, Muhammad Saeed, Mushtaq Ahmad, Amir Waseem,
Muhammad Arshad, and Shazia Sultana. Sustainable Production of Bioenergy
from Novel Non-Edible Seed Oil (Prunus cerasoides) using Bimetallic Impregnated
Montmorillonite Clay Catalyst. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 109
(2019) 321–332.
11. Maryam T. Akhtar, Mushtaq Ahmad, Anjuman Shaheen, Muhammad Zafar, Riaz
Ullah, Maliha Asma, Shazia Sultana, Mamoona Munir, Neelam Rashid, Khafsa
Malik, Muhammad Saeed, Amir Waseem. Comparative Study of Liquid Biodiesel
from Sterculia foetida (Bottle tree) using CuO.CeO2 and Fe2O3 Nano catalysts.
Frontiers in Energy Research. 7:4 (2019) 1-15. (doi: 10.3389/fenrg.2019.00004).
12. Saba Tahir, Tariq Mahmood, Faiqa Dastgir, Ihsan ul-Haq, Amir Waseem, Umer
Rashid. Design, Synthesis and Anti-bacterial Studies of Piperazine Derivatives
against Drug Resistant Bacteria. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 166
(2019) 224-231.
13. Fatima Khan, Mohammad Yaqoob, Muhammad Asghar, Shahzia Iqbal, Samar Ali,
Amir Waseem and Abdul Nabi. Surfactant Enhanced Flow Injection

Chemiluminescence method for Vitamin D3 Determination in Pharmaceutical
Formulations. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular
Spectroscopy 208 (2019) 150–156.
14. Attiq-Ur-Rehman Kakar, Naqeebullah Khan, Samiullah, Naeemullah, Amir
Waseem and Fazal Ur Rehman. The Applications of Flow Injection Analysis
Coupled with Luminol Chemiluminescence in Basic Medium. Journal of the
Chemical Society of Pakistan. 40(6), (2018) 1103-1117.
15. Ahson Jabbar Shaikh, Maria Batool, Muhammad Arfat Yameen, and Amir
Waseem. Plasmonic effects, size and biological activity relationship of Au-Ag alloy
nanoparticles. Journal of Nano Research 54 (2018) 98-111.
16. Waqas Shah, Amir Waseem, Muhammad Arif Nadeem, Paul Kögerler. Leaching
free encapsulation of cobalt based polyoxometalates in MIL-100 (Fe) for highly
reproducible photocatalytic water oxidation. Applied Catalysis A: General. 567
(2018) 132-138. (
17. Jahan Zaib Arshad, Muhammad Hanif, Ayesha Zafar, Sanam Movassaghi, Kelvin
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Sulfonamide Motif: Synthesis, Cytotoxicity and Biomolecule Interactions.
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18. Shabeeb Hussain, Mohammad Mahdi Tavakoli, Aashir Waleed, Umar Siddique
Virk, Shihe Yang, Amir Waseem, Zhiyong Fan, and Muhammad Arif Nadeem.
Nanotextured Spikes of α‑Fe2O3/NiFe2O4 Composite for Efficient
Photoelectrochemical Oxidation of Water. Langmuir 34(12) (2018), 3555–3564
DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b02786.
19. Syed Shoaib Ahmad Shah, Tayyaba Najam, Dan Cheng, Abdul Hafeez, Yi Lu,
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DOI: 10.2174/1573405613666170919151454.
20. Tayyaba Najam, Syed Shoaib Ahmad Shah, Khalid Mehmood, Ahmad Ud Din,
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21. Laiba Saleem, A.A. Altaf, A. Badshah, M. K. Rauf, Amir Waseem, M. Danish, S. S.
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29. Hussain Ullah, Shamsa Noreen, Fozia, Ali Rehman, Amir Waseem, Shumaila
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31. Mustafa Nawaz Shafqat, Salina Shahid, Syed Ali Musstjab Akber Shah Eqani,
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and Vitamin A and C Determination. International Journal of Analytical Chemistry.
Vol. 2014 (2014), pages 6. Paper id: 109592.

Courses Taught:
• Advanced analytical techniques
• Environmental analysis
• Electro-analytical techniques
• Luminescence, fluorescence and phosphorescence spectroscopy
• Research methodology and chemical data handling
• Special topics in analytical chemistry
• SPE and MSPE techniques
• Environmental Chemistry (Water and soil chemistry)
• Atmospheric Chemistry

Extra Information:
Administrative responsibilities
• Provost, University hostels: from May 18th, 2018 to Feb 2nd, 2019
• Director Students Affairs from 2017 to till date
• Turnitin Institutional Administrator (for plagiarism control) from 2013 to till date