Name: Dr. Hazrat Hussain
Designation: Tenured Professor
Department: Chemistry
Qualifications: MSc, and M.Phil (QAU), Dr.-Ing (PhD) Martin-Luther University Halle (Saale), Germany
Phone: +92-51 9064-2143
Status: On Job
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Research Interests/Publications/Conferences/Research Projects

Specialization: Physical Chemistry/Polymer Chemistry

Research Areas/Areas of Expertise:

Amphiphilic block copolymers synthesis, design and synthesis, self-assembly, nanostructure formation, and applications, nanocomposites, synthesis and applications of inorganic nanoparticles, solar cell

Awards and Grants:

Georg Forster Fellowship for Experienced Researcher by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Germany

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), (German Research Council) Scholarship for PhD at Martin-Luther University Halle (Saale), Germany

Certificate of Merit for Distinction (First position) in MSc Chemistry at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan

Merit Scholarship during MPhil at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan

Merit Scholarship during MSc at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan.

Equipment Subsidy grant from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Germany

Research productivity award

Research grants from QAU and HEC.

Instrumentation Available (Focal Person):

GPC/SEC, XRD, and Langmuir Trough

Recent Publications:

  1. Asad Ullah, Syed Mujtaba Shah, Abbas Hasan, Milan Maric, Hazrat Hussain (2019): Nitroxide mediated radical polymerization of methacryloisobutyl POSS and its block copolymers with poly(n-acryloylmorpholine). Revised version submitted to Journal of Polymer Science A Polymer Chemistry.
  1. Ijaz Ahmed Khan, Hazrat Hussain1,Tariq Yasin, Muhammad Inaam-ul-Hassan (2019): Surface Modification of Mesoporous Silica by Radiation Induced Graft Polymerization of Styrene and Subsequent Sulfonation for Ion-Exchange Application. Revised version submitted to the Journal of Applied Polymer Science.
  1. Muhammad Haris Samiullah, Martin Pulst, Yury Golitsyn, Aaron Bui, Karsten Busse, Hazrat Hussain, Detlef Reichert, Joerg Kressler (2019): Tailored Melting Temperatures and Crystallinity of Poly (ethylene oxide) Induced by Designed Chain Defects. In ACS Applied Polymer Materials (
  1. Nazmul Hasan, Asad Ullah, Shakir Ullah, Jörg Kressler, Hazrat Hussain (2019): Langmuir film formation of amphiphilic hybrid block copolymers based on poly(ethylene glycol) and poly(methacrylo polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane). In Journal of Colloids and Polymer Science 297, 1149–1159.
  1. Ijaz Ahmed Khan, Hazrat Hussain, Tariq Yasin Fabrication and characterization of amidoxime-grafted silica composite particles via emulsion graft polymerization Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 2019 (Revised version submitted).
  1. Asad Ullah, Syed Mujtaba Shah, Hazrat Hussain (2019) Amphiphilic Tadpole-Shaped POSS-Poly(glycerol methacrylate) Hybrid Polymers: Synthesis and Self-Assembly: In Journal of Polymer Research 26, 4.
  1. Asad Ullah, Shakir Ullah, Nasir Mahmood, Syed Mujtaba Shah, Zakir Hussain, Hazrat Hussain (2019) Effect of POSS Nanocage on the Crystallization Behavior of PEG5k-b-P(MA-POSS) Diblock Copolymers Achieved via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization. In Polymer Crystallization DOI: 10.1002/pcr2.10058.
  1. Abdus Saboor, Syed Mujtaba Shah, Hazrat Hussain Band gap tuning and applications of ZnO nanorods in hybrid solar cell: Ag-doped verses Nd-doped ZnO nanorods Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 2019, 93, 215-225.
  1. T Perveen, S Ullah, M Siddiq, SM Shah, AM Khan, H Hussain (2018): Amphiphilic comb-like pentablock copolymers of Pluronic L64 and poly (ethylene glycol) methyl ether methacrylate: synthesis by ATRP, self-assembly, and clouding behavior. In Iranian Polymer Journal 27 (5), 297-306.
  1. Muhammad Haris Samiullah, Martin Pulst, Yury Golitsyn, Karsten Busse, Silvio Poppe, Hazrat Hussain, Detlef Reichert, and Jörg Kressler (2018) Solid State Phase Transitions in Poly(ethylene oxide) Crystals Induced by Designed Chain Defects. In Macromolecules 2018, 51, 11, 4407-4414.
  1. Afzal Shah, Sundus Sultan, Anum Zahid, Saima Aftab, Jan Nisar, Saira Nayab, Rumana Qureshi, Gul Shahzada Khan, Hazrat Hussain, Sibel Aysıl Ozkan (2017): Highly sensitive and selective electrochemical sensor for the trace level detection of mercury and cadmium. In Electrochimica Acta 258, 1397-1403
  1. Ijaz Ahmed Khan, Tariq Yasin, Hazrat Hussain (2017): Development of amidoxime functionalized silica by radiation-induced grafting. In Journal of Applied Polymer Science 134, 45437. (IF 1.860)
  1. Muhammad Humayun Bilal, Hazrat Hussain, Marko Prehm, Ute Baumeister, Annette Meister, Gerd Hause, Karsten Busse, Karsten Mäder, Jörg Kressler (2017): Synthesis of poly (glycerol adipate)-g-oleate and its ternary phase diagram with glycerol monooleate and water. In European Polymer Journal 91, 162-175. (IF 3.531)
  1. Afzal Shah, Sundus Sultan, Aamir Hassan Shah, Saira Nayab, Gul Shahzada Khan, Hazrat Hussain (2017): An Electrochemical Sensing Platform for the Trace Level Detection of Copper. In Journal of The Electrochemical Society 164, B184-B188. (IF 3.259)

Books (Chapter):

Hussain, H., Busse, K., Kerth, A., Blume, A., Melik-Nubarov, N. S., Kressler, J. (2005): Interaction of poly(ethylene oxide) and poly(perfluorohexylethyl methacrylate) containing block copolymers with biological systems in new polymeric materials (ACS Symposium Series 916). 92, 105pp.


1: Method of reducing the dimension of an imprint structure on a substrate (patent number 9904165)

2: A process for making a patterned metal oxide structure. Filed as US patent (US Patent Application No. 13/625,400, application date 24.09.2012).

Courses Taught:

Physical Chemistry II (BS and MSc), Molecular Spectroscopy (MSc and BS), Polymer chemistry (BS and MSc), Physical Chemistry of High Polymers (MPhil and PhD)