Analytical/Inorganic Chemistry

CH-321           Analytical Chemistry-I (Cr. 2)

CH-322           Analytical Chemistry Lab-I (Cr. 1)

CH-331           Inorganic Chemistry-I (Cr. 2)

CH-332           Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory-I (Cr. 1)

CH-301           Industrial Chemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-323           Analytical Chemistry-II (Cr. 2)

CH-324           Analytical Chemistry Lab-II (Cr. 1)

CH-333           Inorganic Chemistry-II (Cr. 2)

CH-334           Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory-II (Cr. 1)

CH-421           Principles and Applications of Molecular Spectrophotometry (Cr. 3)

CH-422           Atomic Spectroscopy (Cr. 3)

CH-423           Advanced Analytical Chemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-427           Crystallography (Cr. 3)

CH-428           Environmental Chemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-429           Bio-coordination Chemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-430           Elementary Group Theory (Cr. 2)

CH-431           Coordination Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-432           Inorganic Chemistry-III (Cr. 2)

CH-433           Inorganic Chemistry-IV (Cr. 2)

CH-434           Inorganic Polymers (Cr. 2)

CH-436           Nuclear and Radiochemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-437           Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry Laboratory-III (Cr. 3)

CH-438           Research Project in Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-439           Advanced Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry Laboratory-IV (Cr. 3)