Organic/Physical Chemistry

ii.          Organic Chemistry:

CH-341           Organic Chemistry-I (Cr. 3)

CH-342           Organic Chemistry Laboratory-I (Cr. 1)

CH-343           Organic Chemistry-II (Cr .3)

CH-344           Organic Chemistry Laboratory-II (Cr. 1)

CH-440           Chemistry of Heterocycles (Cr. 2)

CH-441           Reaction Mechanism (Cr. 3)

CH-442           Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry-I (Cr. 2)

CH-443           Chemistry of Natural Products (Cr. 3)

CH-444           Reaction Mechanism-II (Cr. 3)

CH-445           Stereochemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-446           Retrosynthesis (Cr. 3)

CH-447           Organic Chemistry Laboratory-III (Cr. 3)

CH-448           Research Project in Organic Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-449           Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory-IV (Cr. 3)

CH-470           Biochemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-471           Name Reactions (Cr .3)

CH-472           Introduction to Polymer Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-473           Quantum Organic Chemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-474           Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry-II (Cr. 3)


III.       Physical Chemistry:

CH-050           Basic Mathematics for Chemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-351           Physical Chemistry-I (Cr. 3)

CH-352           Physical Chemistry Lab-I (Cr. 1)

CH-353           Physical Chemistry-II (Cr. 3)

CH-354           Physical Chemistry Lab-II (Cr. 1)

CH-450           Computational Chemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-451           Chemical Kinetics (Cr. 3)

CH-452           Quantum Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-453           Molecular Spectroscopy (Cr. 3)

CH-454           Chemical Thermodynamics (Cr. 3)

CH-455           Statistical Mechanics (Cr. 2)

CH-456           Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry (Cr.2)

CH-457           Solid State Chemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-458           Solution Chemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-459           Physical Chemistry Lab-III (Cr. 3)

CH-460           Research Project in Physical Chemistry (Cr. 3)

CH-461           Advanced Physical Chemistry Lab-IV (Cr. 3)

CH-462           Electrochemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-463           Polymer Chemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-464           Surface Chemistry (Cr. 2)

CH-465           Photochemistry (Cr.2)

CH-466 Colloids and Surfactants (Cr. 2)